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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Paul Davies Gutter Cleaning Blackburn. Whatever your gutter needs, we are the company for you. Thanks to our skilled professionals we promise to clean your gutters of leaves, moss and debris. We very inform you to have your gutters cleaned thoroughly at least twice a year. Then you may face a range of issues.

For instance, you could end up with damp or mould in your land if you don’t clean your gutters. As well as that your drains could block which could cause flooding.

Top-quality equipment

Our powerful vacuum units are created using an industrial-grade wet vacuum cleaner. Which are enclosed to poles which let us to lift any leaves, moss and debris from the gutters simply. Additionally, to make sure our fitters deliver the highest quality service we have cameras mounted at the top of the poles. Therefore, the operator can examine the video and offer a specific clean successfully, swiftly and securely.  Statistics show that one of the biggest risks in industrial fatality rates is working from heights. However, thanks to our vacuum units we bid a safer alternative.

Why you need your gutters cleaned

Blocked gutters can cause key damage to your property. Which is wherefore it is important for you to get them cleaned. Many property owners overlook gutters permitting them to become overgrown and blocked. However, this can lead to a variety of difficulties.  Including, wet rot, mould, damp and structural damage. In order to avoid this, we very recommend you have a thorough gutter clean at least twice a year.

Thanks to our top-quality equipment we can get to those hard to reach places such as above conservatories or garages. As well as the inside of your gutters we will clean the outside at Paul Davies Gutter Cleaning Blackburn. Over time your gutters can build up grime and dirt meaning they don’t look the best. However, we can offer a deep clean in order to have your property looking the best it can.

Why you should choose us

Due to being a local family run business, we aim to provide the best possible service for every single job commenced. Customer satisfaction is always our number one aim.  As your gutters have the essential task of eliminating all the rainwater from your roof to the ground, it is essential that they are in full working order.

It is vital that your gutters are cleaned as blocked gutters can cause severe harm to your property. Which would result in expensive repairs.

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Regardless of your desires, we are here to help you out. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Moreover, you can get in touch with us on 01254 949 885.

Blackburn Arts

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  • Michael Billington (1941–2005), actor star of UFO
  • William Billington (1825–1884), writer, known as the “Blackburn Poet”
  • Josephine Cox (1938–2020), fiction writer
  • Ross Eccles (born 1937), contemporary artist; many of his paintings feature Blackburn and Lancashire scenes and landmarks
  • Kathleen Ferrier (1912–1953), contralto
  • Michael Gibson, (born 1980), television presenter and documentary director
  • Barry Gray, composer, (1908–1984)
  • Kathleen Harrison (1892–1895), actress
  • Tez Ilyas (born 1983), stand up comedian
  • Russell Harty (born 1934), broadcaster
  • Ethel Carnie Holdsworth (born Ethel Carnie, 1886–1962), writer and feminist
  • Lee Mack, (born 1968), actor/comedian
  • Grace Davies, (born 1997), singer/songwriter

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